DP Gupta Scholarship Application


Prior to submitting the application, please read and
understand this preface. 

The DP Gupta Foundation scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis to students of extraordinary accomplishments.  The decision for the student to apply for this scholarship should follow due deliberation.  This application form is just the first of many steps necessary to complete the process of qualifying and obtaining scholarship from the Foundation, which will be predicated upon achieving very high scores in the Central Board of Secondary Education (“CBSE”), Scholastic Aptitude Test (“SAT”) or Graduate Record Examinations (“GRE”) and Graduate Management Admission Test (“GMAT”), as applicable, and admission in to select universities in the USA.  Please know that:

  1. This is a MERIT based scholarship with particular focus towards STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects.  This means applicants will be judged primarily on their meritorious achievements.  In further clarification, successful applicants will have achieved 95%+ scores in their school education examinations; 95%+ in CBSE examination (if applicable); and have a record of exemplary participation in organized sports and other extracurricular activities in their high school.

  2. The initial application serves as a simple introduction of the applicant to the Board.  Subsequently, addition documents will be requested and reviewed and personal interviews will be conducted.  It is important that all written submissions, including letters and essays, are prepared by the applicant without any assistance from a third party.

  3. All representations will be independently verified for accuracy and truthfulness.  Any misrepresentation will irrevocably disqualify the applicant.

  4. As a minimum, basic proficiency in the English language is required, defined as the average score for TOEIC and/or TOEFL test takers.

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Form for Scholarship

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